Grant Recipients Grants to Artists Dance 1998


A photoboth film style portrait of two people. In the photo on the top, they both look up. In the photo on the bottom, they both look down. The person on the left wears a sweatshirt and necklace. The person on the right wears a horizontally striped shirt. Both performers have short hair.
  • 1998 Grants to Artists
  • Dance
  • Live in New York, NY
  • Rosane Chamecki
    Born Curitiba, Brazil, 1964

    Andrea Lerner
    Born Curitiba, Brazil, 1966

  • Additional Information

We really appreciate the grant and the freedom it provides. We believe that the success of artists depends also on the time we are allowed to dedicate to art.

- chameckilerner, May 2, 2000

Artist Statement

In twenty years working and growing together it is inevitable to recognize the transformation that followed us, Rosane and Andrea, changing in age, in shape, in our personal and artistic needs. It has been with immense excitement that we embraced those changes.

What has been relentlessly at the core of our work are questions involving the body and its presence, and the concrete experiential preposition of our performances. From the struggling bodies of our initial works, obsessed with its intensions and busy resolving its tasks, to our deranged bodies of the late 1990s, full of internal mechanisms of desire, to the social bodies of our latest works conflicted between the intimate and the public, the work has always been a magnifying glass into the unspoken humanity enclosed in those bodies.

- 2014


chameckilerner is a twenty-year collaboration between Rosane Chamecki and Andrea Lerner. Their work has been presented in the U.S. by Dance Theater Workshop, The Joyce Theater, The Kitchen, Performance Space 122, the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, Mass MoCA, Diverseworks, Jacob's Pillow, and American Dance Festival. chameckilerner has toured extensively throughout Brazil, as well as Canada, Venezuela, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Portugal, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, Denmark, and Finland.

With support from their FCPA grant, chameckilerner re-staged Please Don't Leave Me at Performance Space 122 for the New York season in February 1999, and began research, booking, and management for I Mutantes Seras (1999).

In 2007, chameckilerner premiered Exit, an "artistic suicide of the duo," at The Kitchen in New York City. In 2008 their first short video, Flying Lesson, won the Jury Award at the 36th Dance on Camera Festival at Lincoln Center and was shown in more then twenty International Film festivals. In 2009, chameckilerner collaborated with Phil Harder on the film shorts The Line and The Collection; completed two other videos, Conversation With Boxing Gloves Between Chamecki And Lerner, commissioned by Performa 09 and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; and Jackie & Judy, an ode to Norman McLaren's Pas De Deux. In 2012, the duo was awarded a New York State Council on the Arts Grant and produced Chaplin A Deux in a residency at Basilica in Hudson, New York. During 2013 and 2014, the duo worked on two new video installations, Eskasizer and Samba #2, through a residency at Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center (EMPAC) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. In January 2015, Eskasizer, a four-channel installation, and Samba #2, premiered at EMPAC.

A close up black and white image of two performers intertwined. They both wear black mesh tops and short cotton pants. Both of them extend one arm forward to touch, using their other arm to wrap around the other performer.
Performance still from FCPA-supported Please Don't Leave Me, 1998.
A close up black and white image of two performers in a bare white space. One performer sits on the other performer who is laying down. The two performers look intently at each other.
Performance still from FCPA-supported Please Don't Leave Me, 1998.
One person wearing light orange clothes bends forward in a bright blue space. They hold clear ballons by their torso which spill outwards and onto the floor.
Performance still from FCPA-supported I Mutantes Seras, 1999.
Two performers are in a green space. One performer in the front bends forward as if in downward dog. A second performer in the bag lies on their side. An orange sphere is suspended in the upper right hand corner.
Performance still from FCPA-supported I Mutantes Seras, 1999.
Two performers stand in front of a light blue background with an orange sphere in the middle of it. Both performers wear tan clothes. One performer is carried by the other performer on their back. The performer being carried appears nervous and the performer doing the carrying looks angry.
Performance still from Borbulho, 2008.
A performer wearing all beige stands in a yellow lit space. Their long brown hair covers their face and parts of a clear balloon which is suspended right next to their head. An orange sphere is suspended over them.
Performance still from Borbulho, 2008.
FCPA-supported Please Don't Leave Me, 1998.
FCPA-supported I Mutantes Seras, 1999.